The Week Ahead...

It is going to be a busy week around the interwebz this week, and I am thrilled to be sharing things with all of you.

First, I am releasing the NEW COVER for Libera Me TOMORROW on my blog, and releasing the ebook by Friday (I hope). In honor of everything, I will be hosting a little giveaway with books and beautiful posters of the book jackets. 

On Weds, I am back to WIP Wednesdays for the summer, an opportunity to share what I am working on and hopefully hear from all of you!

On Thursday, my Bookanista reviews are back with a review of The Future of Us.

Friday features something new - a chance to get personal and share something I love that I've recently discovered. Hopefully you all will share something too!

For today, I wanted to share a little news...

Michelle Zink, author of the highly acclaimed Prophesy of the Sisters series and one of my all time FAVORITE authors, graciously blurbed The Girl Guide and I wanted to share the blurb with all of you:

"The Girl Guide is chock full of awesome information on everything from self-esteem, friendship, goal setting and family relationships. Truly an essential guide for girls and their parents in navigating the wild and wonderful teenage years!"

Thank you Michelle. Between this blurb and the great review from School Library Journal, I am beyond humbled and excited about the warm reception the book has been getting!


  1. Congratulations on all your news!

    Michelle is a great gal. She blurbed one of my books, too! Really appreciate authors who take the time for other authors.


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