LACRIMOSA gets a new cover!!!

I am so excited to bring you the new cover for LACRIMOSA today. The cover was designed by me based on background material from and the model photo by Osipova Anastasia and captures the essence of the story in a way I just love.

Now, before I reveal it, I want to also share the new blurb:

Some sacrifices should never be made, even for love.
Nesy is the best of an elite group of angels, warriors called Sentinals, charged with one job—vanquish the UnHoly. She’s never made a mistake, never gotten emotionally involved, never failed.
Until she comes face-to-face with Aydan.
He is evil incarnate. A fallen angel that feeds off the souls of others. Everything Nesy is supposed to hate.  But she can’t, because he’s also the human love of her life; a love she was never supposed to feel.
Now she must choose between doing her duty or saving Aydan, a choice that will cost more than her life...

            Or his soul.  

I also redesigned the interiors of the book with a little help of some fabulous book designers. Here is a little screenshot of the opening page of the new paperback. Beautiful, isn't it.

So there you have it - new blurb, new interiors, a little editing, and poof....

The second edition is nearly complete. This has been a terrifying and amazing experience, re-releasing the series.

I hope you love everything as much as I do.

Which  brings me to the point of this post - my new cover:

Well? What do you think? I am expecting to have both the digital and the paperback books out at the end of the week (with luck). And remember, the Requiem novella, Dies Irae, is part of this special second edition.


  1. It's beautiful!! I love it <3 I dd like the old format too. Shoulda gotten it and collected both versions lol but seriously this cover is perfect

    1. I am SO HAPPY that my fangirls are liking the cover. It was a bit scary changing it, you know...


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