Fabulous Friday: Things I Love

As I mentioned on Monday, I would be starting a "things I love" feature on the blog. I am deep in the throes of rediscovering myself. I know that may sound a little strange, but the truth is, I lost a deep part of myself when my mom passed away in 2010. Since then I haven't felt grounded or secure, haven't really felt like I knew who I was. Her death just shook my very foundation.

Healing from the loss has been a journey in-and-of itself. I have tried out different lifestyle changes (looks, home decor, hairstyles), made some changes in career and friends, etc. In short, I have been on a journey of rediscovering who I am - the things I like to do, the things I am passionate about, etc.

And I wanted to share some of those discoveries with you! Taking a page from my own advice offered to young girls in The Girl Guide, I am doing something I haven't done since my early twenties - I am make a scrapbook of the things I love, a digital collage of sorts. And I am using Pinterest to do it.

I will be revamping my Pinterest boards and sharing recipes, fashion, quotes, home furnishings, gardens, travel, etc - all as I explore these different things for myself.

To start, I wanted to share my all-time fav place to find home furnishings at great price....Home Goods. As most of you know, I am going through a little DIY remodel (just paint, furnishings, etc) and Home Goods has proven to be my new "best friend", offering a vast array of novelties to put in the house. Here are a few of the great finds...

(Not the books, obviously)

The turtles, tiger shells, and vases all came from Home Goods, and I LOVE them so much. They make my desk, MY desk.

Check out my boards, share things you love, and come back next Friday - you never know what great find I may share! And if you LOVE Home Goods the way I do, check out their Pinterest boards for TONS of inspirational pics


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